What are the Do’s and Don’ts of Buying a Used Ski Doo?

This article emphasizes on the do’s and don’ts of buying a ski-doo usagé:

Browsing the options

Do: always do a proper due diligence on the web to check what is available where and what people are inquiring about. You might end up in a deal somewhere far where you have to travel half a day just to buy one. Play smart and research everything online rather than spending a fortune on a ski doo and your fuel as well.

Don’t: settle for anything that has trailing arms. This is because when you are done, you will have a hard time in staying on course with your pack with no equipment holding your back. Make the most of the recent improvements made in this very department.

Do: seek something that comes with a warranty and check if you can afford that too. Nowadays, ski doos are designed in such a way to meet your needs and that means top performance. The second priority is durability. These machines are finely tuned.

On the phone

Do: ensure that the mileage of the ski doo is listed in kilometers and not miles. This is a common gimmick where the consumers are fooled into buying a machine that has been more in use.

Don’t: agree on the prices discussed on the phone. After having a good look at the sled, you may still find some issues that weren’t stated in the first place, but the ones who have to take care by your own means. This is a good reason to knock down the price. Don’t get swayed with the cheapness.

Let the guy sound convincing, not the sled itself

Do: invest in a year old sled from a guy with a nice and expensive looking truck. The guy is probably the one who invests in a new one yearly and works so much that he rarely rides it himself and probably still have some warranty on it.

Don’t: purchase from a friend. It seems easy, but you are unaware of the history of the machine. When something breaks, you may blame it all on your friend and that doesn’t seem fair. The same goes for selling as well.

Do: purchase from an old timer. This is not a rule of thumb, but these guys are too old to shred away and mustn’t using the skidoo much.

Don’t: purchase from a ski bum. They may have most likely bought it from someone, rode it with a cheap fuel and selling it off in tenfold and you may be unbeknown to the defects it may bear.

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