Understanding Why Your Kids Love Slime: The “most awesomest” invention ever!

It’s gooey. It’s tactile. It’s mushy. It’s shape-shifting. It’s slime – so what’s not to love about it? The creators of slime for kids have probably invented the most awesome play thing ever! The best part about it is, that it’s not just a “toy” for kids to enjoy endless hours of pleasure. It’s also an invention that adds to a child’s sensory experience and, simultaneously, stimulates curiosity within young minds. But there’s more to sliming that that!

Bigger Than the Box

Though it may come in small packages, kid slime products stretch way beyond the containers that hold them – literally and figuratively speaking. Literally, the Guinness book of world records clocked more than 17-feet (5.19 meters) in 30 seconds, as the record for stretching slime. But once kids engage with this gooey substance, they’re hooked on what it can do.

They’ll enjoy endless hours of sensory play, while their slime also helps notch-up their curiosity factor. Anything they can think of – from super heroes and monsters, to real-life structures and shapes – it’s all at the tips of their fingers.  Slime for kids makes it a reality.

And slime’s reach is even bigger than the child audience that many believe is its primary targets are. Psychologists routinely recommend slime therapy for adult stress and anxiety conditions. When infused with naturopathic aromas, slime can be a great anxiety reliever, making it an excellent product for the mental health of both kids and adults alike.

Outside the Box

Because of slimes amazing properties, when it comes to unleashing its power, it’s easy for kids to think outside the box. Slime is a curious substance, part way between solid and liquid. So, as kids mold it, squish it, kneed, and fondle it, it provides them a calming experience like nothing else can. In fact, one research project, related to the medical use of kid slime for pediatric therapeutic purposes, concluded:

“Slime play therapy was an atraumatic care approach that can be used to reduce stress level hospitalization, biological responses to normal, and eating behavior to be good for children who were hospitalized”

When used in schools and child care settings, it is even a great teaching tool. Educators often use it to teach young children about numbering systems, letter and alphabet formation, and geometric shapes. With so many “outside the box” applications, it’s only natural that slime gets top-rating from kids, parents, teachers, and child care givers.

Sourcing Your Box of Slime

When searching for a slime vendor online, check to ensure that there’s a constant and updated product selection on their website. Frequently refreshed product lines, at least every week, guarantee that your box of slime will contain new and innovative choices to captivate the interest of kids and adults alike.

Reputable online stores offer slime for kids that comes a variety of colours, textures, finishes, and aromas. Look for special deals and promo codes when sourcing your slime orders. Typically, the more reputable vendors provide the option to apply your savings, at checkout time, through gift cards or promo codes.

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