The last days: What do they have in store?

You must have heard something being discussed about the last days from people around or in the news. It seems to evoke a certain level of fear in some people, while some still think there’s nothing to worry about as they feel it’s much ado about nothing. But believers, by embracing the written word, know that all that has been said about the last days will surely come to pass. One does not even have to pick up multiple books from a great Christian bookstore to prove this, for the word of God is forever settled on the matter. However, a brief exploration of what has been written could help us see what the last days have in store. Plus, we can identify if we indeed are in the last days or not.

Perilous times

It is foretold in 2 Timothy 3 that the last days will be filled with different forms of dangers. This could be viewed as having the world at a tipping point with many kinds of ills occurring nearly simultaneously. One can describe these as the rise of vices where darkness seems to dominate, for men will appear to be without restraints in perpetrating activities that are not morally in tune with the way and will of God. Looking around different communities, one cannot but see many of these events described in 2 Timothy unraveling right in our communities. We hear about events in the news that sometimes make our hearts skip. And, there are occasions where we see folks asking that the Lord comes quickly to bring an end to all these. Nonetheless, we are expected to keep being steadfast in the faith, staying true to the calling to which we have been called – and not giving in to any spirit of fear.

Abounding lawlessness and love waxing cold

From the preceding discourse and what we can perceive around us, it is pretty evident that lawlessness is on the rise. A rather unfortunate event that is attainable is the love of people waxing cold as a result of the ills they see brewing around them. To many people, it has become so uneasy to keep calm and not go into retaliatory mode if an individual wrongs them. On the other hand, some people just find it so out of place to love others – because they find it so hard to trust anyone. This is the natural setting of our mind as we tend to put up some forms of defense. The believer must always have recourse to Jesus Christ, who, despite all He suffered at the hands of the people of the time, still found it fitting to ask that God forgive the people.

But there’s yet hope

The Lord will not leave His people without help, for even in the last days, He promised to pour out His Spirit on all flesh. So, while it may seem that evil is unabating, the believer can be assured that God is still in control and rules over the affairs of men. Therefore, the believer must be in alignment with the move of God in this season, standing on the part of good and not being ignorant of the wiles of the archenemy. And, we must never forget that safety is, truly, of the Lord   

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