Check these tips when buying African Fabrics

Fibers used for weaving are mainly cotton yet also include silk, bark, wool, raffia, and bast fibers like jute and flax which manufactured linen cloth.  The basic form of expression used to define themselves are African textiles. They used these for their embellishment and as a more robust medium of communication for many centuries. A piece of usual fabric is derived by veiling the cloth over a carved wooden frame and spilling hot wax on the material. The quality of the cloth is based on the type of cotton used to create it and on the manufacturing process.

To make accessories, clothing, and other products worldwide, an African wax print fabric that is used widely is derived from 100% cotton. The width of the fabric differs between manufacturers. The colors and print designs look similar on both the back and front of the fabric. The quality of the fabric is based on the type of manufacturing processes and the type of cotton used.

What to consider when buying African Print Fabrics

An ideal way to select African print fabric is to consider buying a sample before you proceed to buy the huge amount. Through this, you can check the hand of the fabric and its quality. You can check also the design and color. The sample will also let you see how the fabric after washing, you have to remember that African wax fabric is an amazing choice if you want to experiment with your fashion. You have the option to style it with shorts, jeans, or skirts. When choosing the pattern or design, you need to base it on the occasion or event you are going to wear it. If you’re planning to buy one, below are some of the things you need to consider when buying an African print fabric.

Determine the trustworthy brands of African print

  • It is necessary to remember that a print that is bought in Africa doesn’t mean particularly that it was manufactured in Africa. African fabric brands work diligently to differentiate themselves from an affordable quality, foreign emulation. Some of the favorite African print brands are Woodin, GTP, Printex, and ATL, all of which are printed and made in Ghana.

Detect and know the brand name printed on your fabric

  • Then country and brand name wherein it was manufactured are printed on the border. The outer perimeter of the fabric is the selvage and runs hasten along the length. Yet, other fabrics, the country and fabric of origin are imprinted on the back.

To guarantee authenticity use technology

  • GTP-incorporated technology is used to ensure authenticity to secure the brand from imitators. Silver labels which are new were added to ensure the authenticity of the cloth.

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