Bong- Know The Benefits of Using It

It is natural to struggle for the better. The want for finer things is the reason an individual gets to where they would exactly like to be. Where bongs are concerned, the finer thing that comes is the bong. From the standard predecessor, a new update is bongs online into the smoking process.

Many who had given try to this for the first time loved it too much and don’t consider getting back to the traditional bong. It is because of its fanaticism surrounding this smoking device.  Read this whole content and allow yourself to get introduced to the ice bongs.

Ice bong- The introduction

It is easier to explain that ice bongs are not different from ordinary bongs. It has only been customized to add ice cubes into its compartment.

Why ice?

Exactly the same way you would consider adding ice to a drink to cool it, ice is added up to the mouthpiece to reduce the smoke temperature, giving a much cooler hit. And this can be the smoothest hit that you ever will have in your life.

Still, water is added to the bong for filtration and to assist in creating a vacuum effect to getting a proper fit from the herb.

Water is there to make certain that still you are getting filtered and fully flavored hit. The ice cubes are added to take the edge off the stiffness of the smoke on the smoker’s esophagus and cool that smoke.

It means you can rip and take a huge hit contentedly without worrying about hurting your gullet.

This is the most appealing aspect of ice bong and explains why this tool is popular among smokers.

This tool has small rivets along its neck so that comfortably ice can lodge itself into the bong’s neck.

After few seconds you will notice ice melt causing a fall down the neck of the bong into the water. This will lessen the water temperature and further you will get a cool hit every time.

Some more inventive users have been known to put the bong itself into the freezer and fridge to cool the glass before you take a hit.

While it is not recommended and if you choose to do so, you must be careful. Ensure that you do not put the bowl into the freezer or fridge with the rest of the bong. The added warmth from the lighter will cause the icy bowl to break due to an extreme change into the hotness.

There are many unbelievable ice bongs to choose from and many advantages are associated with using the same.

Ice bong- Advantages

1-     Filter smoke- The first thing is ice catcher is designed for facilitating smoke filtration. Ice catcher doesn’t do it on its own. Adding ice will let you enjoy filtered and cleaner hits.

2-     Inhale more smoke- No secret is there that bong supports enjoyment in taking huge rips. As ice cools the smoke, the ice catcher makes inhaling a huge amount of smoke easier.

3-     Amazing visual feature- Into the bong world, scientific glass is in and high-grade glass permits smokers to watch smoke filtered which has become a bit popular.


If you choose to smoke using an ice bong, you will surely have a better smoking experience. You can check out the collection at the store and enjoy a smoke with the best smoking tool.

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