4 Maintenance Tips for Prolong your Deep Cycle Battery Life

The best way to get the most out of any of our belongings is to properly take care of them by giving them proper maintenance and safety measures. This is especially true in the case of batteries as you don’t only have to properly dispose of them once you are no longer using them, but you also have to properly perform maintenance for your safety as well.

For deep cycle batteries, such as a 300Ah battery, proper maintenance is key to making the battery last longer as well as perform at its top shape even after a few years and charge cycles have passed. If you have been looking for ways to extend the battery life of your deep cycle batteries or any other batteries, we have here several tips and practices that you can use to properly take care of and maintain your battery.

  • Give your Battery a Cool Down Period

The first tip we have prepared for you is to allow your battery a cool-down period every time you finished using or charging it. Batteries generate heat every time they are being used and turned on so it is important to allow them to lose that heat and cool down before they are put into work again.

Batteries that don’t get the opportunity to properly cool down and lose their heat, often run the risk of burning out faster making them lose charge easily as well as causing it to bloat or corrode in extreme cases.

  • Avoid Using it in Extreme Temperatures

Similar to the previous tip, it is in your best intentions to avoid using the battery in intense heat or cold. Most batteries tend to underperform in the cold which can affect their lifespan or have a battery failure in extreme heat.

Keep in mind the best operating temperatures for your deep cycle batteries as it will become key in keeping them in top shape.

  • Monitor your Battery’s Charge Level

Some deep cycle batteries don’t come with a monitor with their respective charge level and require an additional tool to monitor them. Those that do come with a built-in monitor/indicator are slightly more expensive than those that don’t. Whichever the case, it will be in your best interest to invest in either tool as proper monitoring of your batteries is key to prolonging their life.

It isn’t ideal to find your battery losing out on power at any given time as well as undercharge/overcharge as any of these scenarios will end up damaging your battery’s lifespan

  • Proper Testing and Storage

For any kind of deep cycle battery, whether lithium or lead-acid ones, it is important to occasionally have them test if they can still hold a charge or not. This ability to hold a charge is the reason why they work as the perfect portable power supply or emergency power.

Knowing the state-of-charge reading your battery has, allows you to gain insight if you need them to be repaired or replaced. Additionally, it allows you to properly manage and monitor them for any possible changes.

Furthermore, it is also important to store your batteries properly as too much dust or any leakage from other fluids stored along with it will cause irreversible damage to the battery.

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